Corporate Statement: Satisfying your Business Needs is our main focus. We offer specialized videography services for Training, Product Demos, Infomercials and a variety of other tailored video services for your Business Needs. We are currently providing video consulting services for a large government contractor.

So, whether you're trying to get customers excited, training your staff, or an auto dealer, Willis' Action Video Productions can help make your event a success by generating more attention to your business with our "State of the art" professionally edited, scripted, and animated VHS, CD or DVD final cut.

Corporate Event, Meeting/Seminar Videos
are excellent for documentation purposes. Corporate Videos help to keep the communication lines open for in and "out-of-town" employees or "Sister Companies". Corporate Videos are also great employee morale boosters. Video taping your Company's Special Event, i.e., Fundraisers, Company Parties and Outings, will help employees build a stronger and closer working relationship from the CEO to the Environmental Specialist.

Certified by the American Guild
of Court Videographers, AGCV

Digital Technology is "no stranger" to the court -room setting of today.

Legal Video is popular due to the impossibility of bringing the actual "crime scene" and personal property damages into the courtroom. Many high profiled cases now have courtroom video recordings and presentations aiding the trial attorneys in obtaining a "quick and speedy trial" for their clients. Video taping evidence, personal injury claimants, etc., has made Legal Videography a necessity for today's Trial Attorneys. If "A picture says a thousand words", a Legal Forensic Video speaks for itself. It captures the witness' verbal and non-verbal communications. A Deposition video helps to keep track of the witness' re-collection of events leading up to the trial. It is a wise resource to have for cutting down traveling expenses for out-of-town witnesses.

For those who find it painful to sit through a long and drawn out trial, the Deposition Video is a much needed asset to getting their "side-of-the story told and heard. A "Day-in-the-life" Documentary aids the Trial Attorney and the plaintiff in presenting the effects of his/her injuries upon their personal and professional lifestyles. It makes for a great IMPACT on the jury. Legal Video, is truly an Attorney's Digital Paralegal in this age of the "Information Superhighway".

"Seeing is believing"!
Increase your sales and keep the customers coming with the use of a professionally edited, animated, scripted Commercial Video with special effects. Some people believe only what they see or hear. If it's not on the TV or the Radio, then it's not "REAL". With the use of a Commercial Video, your Company can now reach a wider target market for presenting your Company's products and services. "Seeing is Believing"!

"Your first impression is your last impression".
People buy what they can visualize. Use our Sales Video services to enhance the marketability of yourself or your product. The "GREATEST SALESMAN" is the Sales Video. People can actually see you demonstrating your product or services. Our Sales Video is a great way to leave an excellent "First Impression".

Most everyone today wants to own his or her own house.
In today's busy world, many people just don't have the time to spend going house shopping. It takes a lot of time and effort to arrange schedules to meet with an agent only to be disappointed because the house wasn't "quite what you were looking for". The Real Estate Video helps to eliminate the conflicting schedules and the major disappointments. The Real Estate Video saves you time, energy and money. People can view the house from the inside to the outside, from the upstairs to the downstairs, backyard to the front yard without leaving their current location. No misleading potential buyers here. With the Real Estate Video, the buyer gets to see first hand what the property looks like and can make an informed decision as to view it in person, place a bid, buy it or to just keep looking.