Personal Needs Statement: Our goal is to meet your personal videography needs while exceeding your expectations and level of satisfaction. We're not satisfied until you're satisfied. We offer a variety of Personal Needs video services which include but are not limited to: Fashion Shows, Hair Shows, Trade Shows, and Personal Items for Sale. We use the same equipment for Personal Needs as used for our Corporate Clients along with our years of experience to create a finished product that you and your family will be able to cherish for years to come. CD and DVD services are also available.
We provide professionally digitalized editing, special effects, and scripted video services for several of New Jersey's premier dance studios.
Whether you're celebrating 1 year or 100 years, our Personal Needs Services help to create memories that will last a lifetime.
We work with you to bring out the best in your event's attendees. We encourage warm wishes from family and friends. We do "on-the-spot" interviews with the attendees. We believe in giving a special person their flowers while they are still living. "CAKE any one?"
Why not put all of your old and current family photos and film on video?
A Family Video Album is a creative way to relive the times shared with your family and friends. This video is great entertainment for family reunions, birthday gatherings, and wedding celebrations or just to send to a friend or long distance relative. Just in case another person wants a copy for himself or herself, we also provide Duplication services.
"Got Talent?"
The Entertainment Industry is a highly competitive field. We help you to break into the "World of Entertainment" by providing you with a professional Performance Demo Video. Due to unsigned talent living far away or a record label's internal Artist Promotions budget, many talent scouts may never get to see your act. That's where the Performance Demo Video comes in handy.
So, if you sing, dance, act, play an instrument or are a stand-up comedian, we can help you get notice by the Entertainment Industry's professionals. Many entertainment employers now prefer to see your act on a Professionally edited Performance Demo Video in addition to a completed CD, for those who are singers, writers and producers. So, to get a step ahead of the crowd, utilize our Performance Demo Video services. We shoot on location during your actual performance or we can stage the shoot (set-up the scene). "All the world's a stage", let us help you take your bow.
Models are in a world of their own.
They are to be presented in a special way. Not only will your Black and White headshots or portfolio aid you in obtaining a Modeling contract or other related jobs, a Modeling Video will help to showcase your inner and outer Beauty. It will also showcase your runway skills and marketability as a newcomer or seasoned model. It will also help you to see areas that may need improvement thereby helping you to hone your skills as a Professional. Many Models become spokespersons. A Model Video will give you the opportunity to showcase your public speaking talents as well. Get your foot in the door of that next big job with your very own professionally tailored Modeling Video!